Admissions: MHS

How will the MSHA degree enhance your career plans? Project the kinds of positions you anticipate having five years after earning the degree. What experiences have you had that form the foundation of your goals?

An MSHA will give me the necessary knowledge required to effectively manage the administrative and care-giving personnel at a major urban hospital and to improve the quality of care given to patients. I have worked for FEMA and in property insurance, as well as served on the board of a nonprofit organization devoted to community improvement, so I have intimate knowledge of the difficulties of navigating the complexities of political and insurance-related bureaucracies. The MSHA will give me a philosophical framework to deal with what I have already grappled with in my practical experience.

Within the next five years, I hope to become vice president or at least a department head of a major hospital, and act as an advocate for change of the nation’s healthcare system. Healthcare is a business today. I have owned three businesses, two cellular phone stores and a shoe store, for more than four years. But while I believe a hospital must be run efficiently and affordably like a business, care also must be delegated with compassion. I hope the degree will enable me to take this conviction of mine and deploy it in my community advocacy and administrative actions.

Give a candid appraisal of yourself. Include some discussion of your strengths and weaknesses.

My accounting degree has given me the necessary quantitative skills to put the compassion and sense of obligation I feel to the community into action in the healthcare field. In the practical realm of business, I have honed my skills at managing and motivating others under difficult circumstances. I have developed the ability to communicate complex concepts (like cell-phone plans) in a clear and comprehensible manner to the public, as well as become a quick-thinking pro

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