Admissions Essay

I hope to attend Richard Stockton College of New Jersey for a number of

compelling reasons. I know Stockton is a highly ranked college according

to Barron’s “College Profile” and “US News and World Reports,” along with

many other sources. This gives me the knowledge I will receive a first-

rate education at Stockton, and I know that is quite important for my

future career and life goals. I also enjoy the campus setting very much,

and my interactions with students and staff have both been very friendly,

which is something quite important to me. In addition, Stockton is quite

close to my home, giving me more study time, less commute time, and a

feeling of comfort and security that other colleges would not offer. I

feel Stockton is the right choice for me for my college education. Because

it is close to my home, I’ve become quite familiar with the campus and its

reputation, and I feel it is the right choice for me and my educational

At the moment, I am undecided as to my major, but I am leaning toward

Criminal Justice, and I know Stockton offers a fine and wide-ranging

program in the area. I bring a good high school grade average to my

college experience, and I am looking forward to beginning my higher

education at Stockton. I believe your Criminal Justice program would give

me a well-rounded background for a career in criminal justice, and that

attending Stockton would enhance my career prospects. While I have not

actually decided on criminal justice as a major, I also feel attending

Stockton would help me put my choices for the future into a clearer

perspective, and allow me the chance to sample different academic majors

while I make my all-important decision about my future career choices. I

know Stockton has an excellent reputation in all academic areas, and this

gives me the opportunity to seek out just the right opportunities for me

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