Admission for Career in Pharmaceutical Field

When my uncle first told me about the LECOM School of Pharmacy, my ears perked up. A well-respected pharmacist in Florida, my uncle was in the position of offering advice for those aspiring to work in his field. Moreover, my uncle knows me well and has watched me grow as individual and as a student. His good judge of character means also that he can sense which social environments might best suit my needs. Knowing LECOM well too, my uncle knows what types of students are drawn there and what they need to succeed. He is also familiar with LECOM staff and pharmacy education facilities and so directed me to the college’s Web site.

Browsing the Web site, I noticed that LECOM offers a wide range of courses and programs for students interested in pharmacy. I am serious about my career choice and therefore need a school that offers a comprehensive four-year program that I can enter immediately. However, I would like to combine my undergraduate with post-graduate studies in the accelerated program LECOM offers, a track that is unique to our field. My level of ambition and my familiarity with the profession through the tutelage of my uncle makes me especially suitable for the accelerated program. Moreover, LECOM provides students with the opportunity to undertake real-world work while I earn my degree, enhancing my future capacity as a pharmacist. By working with local hospitals and clinics I can start planning how to best apply the skills I gain at LECOM in the local community. I have wanted to live and work in Florida for many years because I have family already established there and because I appreciate the unique culture and ambiance of the state. Therefore, the Bradenton campus perfectly suits my interest in establishing roots in the area, developing a strong network of colleagues, and providing community service as a professional. My goal is to give back to the community by combining my professional services with work in clinics and oth…

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