Admission Essay

There are several reasons that motivate me to become a law student.

One of them centers around my keen interest in the field of Logic,

Reasoning, and Ethics and the other centers around my interest in

understanding the rules of fairness and justice in our society. Throughout

my education, I have become aware of the key roles that justice plays in

each person’s life– giving each person his or her due.

From the very beginning during my studies, I had shown keen curiosity

in the area of peoples’ perceptions, especially how decisions are made and

how benefits and burdens are distributed among a group of people. All of

these inevitably revolve around the questions of justice or fairness.

My motivation to become a law student also stems from my family

backgroundwhen I was growing up, my parents encouraged me the value of

fairness and standing-up for my beliefs. Later when I enrolled in Master’s

program, I began to understand the excitement behind working with the

students of different backgrounds and knowledge, and yet each one of us

believing on a sense of self-respect and dignity.

This interest that emerged with ethics, fairness, and justice,

finally, began to create curiosity in me to understand the basics of the

law, because now I can realize how law, fairness, and justice are closely

related. For example, even though precedents and legal principles support

both sides of the case, the inevitable result of justice provides the

virtues of the rule of law and its legitimacy. However, justice without

ethics is devoid of the fairness. These complex intricacies have motivated

me to look deeply into the foundation of law and ethics. I am especially

interested to understand how ethics can enlarge the role of the law in

providing a sense of fairness and justice.

The other factor that motivates me for becoming a law student is that

I have enjoyed worki…

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