ACC 421 Week 5 LT Solutions A

This document of ACC 421 Week 5 Learning Team Assignments comprises:
PROBLEM 6-7 (Continued)
PROBLEM 23-7 (Continued)
Assignment detail and information is contained within this workbook.
You should enter your name into the cell at the top of the page. Each worksheet contains the identification of the problem or exercise. In general the yellow highlighted cells are the cells which work and effort should be pre All formatting should have been accomplished to provide satisfactory presentation. See the text for additional assistance in formatting.
Place the proper title in the cell where the word Text title appears on the template. Place the value in the cell where the word Value or Amount appears on the template. A formula may be placed in some of these cells. Write a formula into cells where the word Formula appears. In these cells an amount calculated can be entered. An amount can be placed in these cells.
The print area is defined to fit onto 8 1/2 X 11 sheets in portrait or landscape mode as I The problem is formatted for whole dollars with comma separations (no cents) except
Negative values may be shown as ($400) or -$400. Consider using Split panes to assist in copy and paste of data.
Much of the exercises and problems can have data entered by the look to or =A34 type formula where cell A34 contains the data to be entered.

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