ACC 375 Week 1 DQs

This pack of ACC 375 Week 1 Discussion Questions consists of:
Explain the concept of utility under the utilitarianism theory. How can a business achieve a level of utility?
What is the connection between justice and utility under the utilitarianism theory? What are a few assumptions and problems with the utilitarianism theory? Explain.
What are the similarities and differences between the concepts of justice under the utilitarianism theory and the distributive justice theory? What is the difference between the concepts of ethics and morality?
What is meant by the term management fraud? What are some red flags or warning signs associated with identifying fraud?
What are some social and legal implications of management fraud? How can a company protect itself from fraudulent acts?
Explain the different types of risk such as audit risk inherent risk control risk and detection risk. How can a company assess its fraud risk?

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