ACC 206 Week 3 E16-17 Fido Grooming P16-25A Fido Treats

This file of ACC 206 Week 3 Fido Grooming Fido Treats consists of:
P 17A-11A
P 17-26A
E 16-17
Calculating income and cost per unit for a service company
Fido Grooming provides grooming services in the local community In April Kevin Oliver the owner incurred the following operating costs to groom 650 dogs:
Wages $3900
Grooming supplies expense . 1625
Building rent expense .. 1300
Utilities . 325
Depreciation on equipment ………………………… 130
Fido Grooming earned $16300 in revenues from grooming for the month of April.
1. What is Fido’s net operating income for April?
2. What is the cost to groom one dog?

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