In order to prepare for this assignment, please write up a “Persuasion Plan.” This is not an outline of your speech, that will come later.

This is a formal document in essay format.


1. What is your topic? Give some basic background on your topic, so your instructor can understand it. Why do you think this topic is problematic and significant? Why should we care about it? Why do you care about it? Who is impacted by this topic?

2. What is your thesis, or contention? What supporting evidence or ideas (outside references) will you use to prove it?

3. Who is your audience? Describe the people you think you’ll be speaking to. Will they agree with you or not? What do you think will convince them?

4. What approach will you use to persuade them? Will you be serious, funny, sentimental, etc? Will you present lots of research, with charts and graphs? Or will you share personal stories?

5. Will you mostly rely on ethos, logos, or pathos? Why do you think that’s a good idea?

6. What are your outside references and visual aids?  You must use at least two visual aids that are not simply photographs or images. You must use information that backs up the points you are making. What outside references will you need to successfully be persuasive?

7. What opposing opinion will you present and address? In addition, please note that with all topics part of your speech needs to include an essential element of an opposing opinion and how you argue against that opposing view.

*Regarding this written plan, there is no length requirement (1 to 2 pages should be sufficient)–remember: the more you plan ahead of time, and the more you think through your speech, the better your speech will turn out and I’ll be able to advise you more on your plan.

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