A Rose for Emily

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Sunday, February 28, 202111:59 Pm

Practice your summarizing and paraphrasing skills after you have reviewed the material in the section.


In the reading Faulkners Gay Homer, posted on Blackboard in Readings/A Rose for Emily summarize the second paragraph on the first page, which begins Today, many students simply assume.


In the reading Faulkners A Rose for Emily, posted on Blackboard in Readings/A Rose for Emily, paraphrase the last paragraph on page 106 which begins In fact, if Homer

All by William Faulker


Today, many students simply assume Homer Barron is homosexual. These students, using the close reading techniques they have been taught, point to the phrases he liked men (429) and he was not the marrying kind (429), both of which they assume are code phrases meaning that Homer was homosexual. In fact, James Wallace, arguing against the interpretation of Homer as gay, suggests himself that the narrator is, indeed, implying that Homer is homosexual (107). Wallace merely doubts the narrators reliability, given the ambiguous structure of the story. In fact, Wallace, Blythe, and the hundreds of students who have inferred Homers real or rumored homosexuality could have been right if the story had been written after 1980, rather than in 1931, and if the story were set in the twenty-first century rather than the nineteenth. But in that case, it wouldnt have been a very good story. 


In fact, if Homer is gay and if the narrator knows it, why does he (the narrator) bother to hint around rather than simply come out with it? He cannot say because he does not know and because he wants the reader to join “us” -“our whole town,” “the rising generation,” with its garages and its paved roads and its noses in everyone else’s business. At the moment that he chooses to hint at Homer’s sexual preference, the narrator is so intoxicated with gossip and so comfortable under the protection of consensus that he begins to blabber: So the next day we all said, “She will kill herself”; and we said it would be the best thing. When she had first begun to be seen with Homer Barron, 

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