A reaction paper

Follow APA style, and format your document according to submission guidelines.
Format: Title Page/Body/Reference List
Font: Times New Roman, 12-point, double-spaced
Headings: Appropriate use of levels of headings and page numbers
Length: 7501,000 words
Resources: You should use at least three (3) academic reference. Additionally, you can use credible newspapers, websites, and magazines as sources. You must properly cite all the sources you use in APA style (author-date) and include a reference page at the end, properly formatted in APA style. Your reference page should include only sources that you cite within your paper.
I am giving the question which you can find in the attached pdf
After you have read the paper, develop your reflection by answering the following questions:

a) What is the title of the paper and who is the author?
b) What is the paper about?
c) How could the research be classified: descriptive, correlational or experimental? Why?
d) Identify the authors main statement(s)
e) Identify the research main findings
f) What was new to you about the research?

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