A Child Called It

One day I was thinking of something new to read. When I asked my sister for suggestions, she told me to read A Child Called It, by David Pelzer. After reading this book, it automatically became my favorite book for many of reasons. This book taught me a lot of essential things in life that many people do not bother to appreciate until it is missing.

This book has inspired me in many ways. It made me realize that I am so fortunate to have a caring and loving mom. You see my mom does a lot for me. She is like my right-hand man. She encourages me to do my best everyday and not let anything or anyone stop me. As I read the book, all noticed that the only boy wanted was love from his mom and that was impossible for him to get. His mom would abuse him instead.

This book also taught me to appreciate and be happy with what I have. I notice that once in a while I whine a lot because Im not able to get new shoes or get new clothes. Sometimes I realize that I am a spoiled little brat for thinking that and very self-fish because a lot of kids can only wish for the things I have. The child in the book was barely surviving with the things he had. He barely had enough cloth over his body to keep him from freezing and I believe he didnt even have shoes.

Until this day, A Child Called It, is still my favorite book. It has taught me so much about life and how to appreciate what you have. It has inspired me to become a better person than I am today.

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