755 Coaching Practice Case study 3 WK 6

Textbook Reading
    Boysen-Rotelli: chapter 5

For this assignment, you will create a professional-looking Powerpoint presentation that will assist you in introducing your new coaching practice to the world. Scenario: You have enrolled in and completed a coaching program and now enter the world as a coach. Using primarily visual representations, create a powerpoint slideshow with 20 slides which introduces your coaching practice to the world. Limited verbiage, please. Mainly pictures on the slides. (Feel free to insert a couple of descriptive sentences below the slides in the notes section in order to capture the essences of the image.) Ensure that all slides include the link from whence the visual or information on the slide was retrieved. Please see attached rubric.

Powerpoint Requirements: Title Slide, Visual Content Slides, Closing Slide (Call to Action), References slide(s). Every image or verbiage that is not your own requires documentation on the references slide.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool

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