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Coaching Acknowledgement Discussion

Textbook Reading
    Boysen-Rotelli: chapter 7

Discussion Thread
Discussions are collaborative learning experiences. The thread must demonstrate course-related knowledge. The thread must contain citations and references from at least 2 different PEER REVIEWED articles and 1 citation and reference from the attached textbook in current APA format. and I biblical integration. You must use the book, chapter, and verses when it comes to biblical integration

Reflect on your learnings and understandings of coaching and being coached. After a reflection of this course and text, conduct some research in order to answer the following questions in-depth:
Describe your biggest takeaways relative to coaching’s place in society. Consider it from a corporate, academic, non-profit, or other perspectives which demonstrates your learnings, clarity, and even disagreements about the role of coaching today. And lastly, how and why might our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, be considered the ultimate master coach?

.Please make sure you are transitioning correctly while writing.

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